Income Accelerator

The Income Accelerator Program is an 8 week online course with 3 key components.

Core Training:

  1. Your Money Mindset
  2. The cost of Lost Opportunities
  3. Your Skills, Strengths and Value
  4. Confident Communication
  5. Building Strong Client Relationships
  6. Consult Room Technique
  7. Managing Time, Energy and Stress
  8. Salary Negotiation

Identifying Your Leaks - Natasha will go through each specific area every week and help you identify where you are missing charges so you can increase your turnover.  Remember, this is for clients you are already seeing in practice.

  • The Consultation
  • Laboratory
  • Surgery
  • Hospital
  • Radiography & Ultrasonography
  • Follow Up & Revisits
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Other

Group Coaching Calls with Natasha held every second week from Week 2 of the content


Individual registration only. For practice registration, please contact Natasha directly

Modules are released every week for 8 weeks.

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