High Performance Vets Courses

Thrive in Your Career & Enhance Your Wellbeing


Coaching with Dr. Natasha Wilks

 Start Coaching with Natasha -  Career & Life Audit. - 6 invididual coaching sessions with Natasha.Th...

$2,200.00 USD

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Career Success Strategies - Team Edition

Book a full day's training** with Natasha and your team* will receive access to Career Success Strategies (retails at...

$6,600.00 AUD

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Income Accelerator

The Income Accelerator Program is an 8 week online course with 3 key components. Core Training: Your Money Mindse...

3 monthly payments of $600.00 AUD

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Your Veterinary Career Plan

Gain Clarity & Vision to Create the Career You Dreamed Of. Remember how excited you were at graduation about the...

$97.00 AUD

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Here's What You'll Learn

Personal Insight

Self-awareness is a critical skill to understand who you are. Understand your personality, feelings, motivations and desires and how they affect you.

Resilient Mindset

The ability to overcome adversity and cope with challenges is essential in practice. Create a resilient mindset to thrive in your career.

How to Work with Clients

To succeed in your career, you must be able to connect, communicate and build relationships with clients. Learn how to manage client's expectations, demands, desires and fears.

Stress Management

Understand the components of stress, what your triggers are and how to change your response to manage your stress levels.

Increase Your Wellbeing

Every aspect of your life influences your wellbeing. Learn the components of wellbeing and how to integrate them in your life to flourish.

Tools & Resources

You will be given access to various tools and resources to help you integrate and implement what you are learning.