Career Success Strategies - Team Edition

Book a full day's training** with Natasha and your team* will receive access to Career Success Strategies (retails at $660/participant).

The team edition of Career Success Strategies has been developed for the whole veterinary team to give them the strategies to achieve career success.

Career Success Strategies focusses on 4 key areas that contribute to career success.  These are also the 4 common areas that team members lack knowledge and skills in.

  1. Confidence - increase your confidence in your skills, capabilities and career
  2. Communication - learn the principles to become an effective communicator 
  3. Clients - build strong client relationships 
  4. Commerce - understand business basics and confidently discuss fees with clients

The course is an 4 Module online course with over 10 hours of detailed content, delivered over 6 weeks.

It gives your team the skills to build self confidence, be an effective communicator within the team and with clients, to build strong relationships and understand the costs of business and confidently discuss fees with clients.

Every team member has the ability to interact with Natasha and ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of the material.

Dr Natasha Wilks BVSc DipCoaching CertSEICoach B3 


** A full day's training consists of 4 x 90-120 minutes sessions.  For interstate or rural clients, these can be delivered as webinars.  For practices outside of Brisbane, travel fees apply.

* The number of participants who are given access to this course is limited for large veterinary teams.  The whole team is required to be registered.  Contact Natasha to discuss the size of your team and additional cost.

For more information:

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Career Success Strategies - Team Edition

Set your team up for success.  Give your whole team access to the Career Success Strategies Course - Team Edition. (A limit to the number of registered participants does apply. Contact Natasha for details)

$6,600.00 AUD