Your Veterinary Career Plan

Gain Clarity & Vision to Create the Career You Dreamed Of.

Remember how excited you were at graduation about the future of your career and all the exciting procedures and cases you would be seeing?

For a lot of veterinarians, their career hasn't been as enjoyable or fulfilling as they expected.

10 years ago, I was frustrated, disillusioned and fed up with the veterinary profession.  I left to start my coach training and found my calling.  

I came back into practice 2 years later, after starting a family.  I missed being a veterinarian.

Everything was different!  I began to love being a veterinarian again.  Having time off to reflect on my career as well as working on all the issues and frustrations I had, made a tremendous difference.

Since then, I have worked in various clinics as a locum and part time veterinarian.  I have a schedule that suits my family and I've created a career that I thoroughly enjoy.  

Now I work in a practice I love, with clients I enjoy, with a great team and I love it.

It turned around when I sat down and determined what I wanted from my career.  I examined what I liked and disliked in practice, how I wanted to practice and the cases I enjoyed and I determined what was non-negotiable.  I then evaluated every opportunity against the lists I had created and found the practice I enjoy being currently employed in.  It didn't happen overnight, but it did happen.

It can be the same for you!  Don't spend another year feeling trapped in a soul destroying practice with clients you don't enjoy.  

The Veterinary Career Plan course, is a 5 module course.  The Modules are

  • Gain clarity about you like and dislike in all areas of your career
  • Create your Vision for your career
  • Evaluate where you currently are
  • Determine what you need to learn and set goals to achieve your Vision
  • Create the action steps to achieve your goals
  • You will complete worksheets with detailed questions that allow you to think about specific areas in your career that you may not previously considered.

Each module contains a video and worksheet.  Some modules have multiple videos.

I designed the course as a result of my 16 years in practice and 10 years of coaching.  It is a result of the lessons I have learned, the mistakes I have made and as I have watched colleagues either flourish or flounder in practice.  I have seen colleagues choose practices with a focus on what they don't want to do (eg weekends and on call) rather than considering whether this practice will improve their knowledge, skills, reputation and accelerate their career.

This is the course I wish I had access to as a veterinarian in practice, which would have helped me avoid feeling like I was living a groundhog year, every year, and not growing.

Our profession is changing.  With the oversupply of graduates, there will soon be an oversupply of experienced veterinarians.  How will you stand out?  It is essential to develop your career with your reputation in mind, so that you are considered an asset in practice and not a liability.

This course is suitable for veterinarians of all ages and of any experience. 

Veterinary Career Plan - Start Today

Gain clarity, create your vision & strategic goals to gain further success and thrive in your career. Gain instant access to the Veterinary Career Plan.  It includes 1 year membership to the course with a 30 day money back guarantee.  

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